The LP Grand.
A Grand Statement by Christian Flindt

This family of lights has been created as a commissioned task by the Danish lighting manufacturer, Louis Poulsen, to design a luminaire series that could be placed at different heights in large spaces. Christian Flindt accepted the assignment and set about sketching out a product, and in this phase, he looked both at locations in the buildings and at different sizes of fixtures.

The task was not easy because the requirements for the light played a decisive role, and it soon became clear to Christian Flindt that if a fixture was to fulfill these requirements, it had to be large, flexible, and able to be used in several types of rooms which clearly pointed in the direction of a series, or as it was previously called, a product family.

Large room pendant lights tend to cut through the room, as most focus on the downward-directed light. It quickly became clear that the new product had to appear as part of the room, and therefore the space above the fixture also had to be involved in the light emission.

A personal brainstorming at sketch level was initiated, and the thoughts went from the head through the hand to be turned and turned again. Christian worked purposefully with the concepts of function, comfort and atmosphere to ensure that the product contained the elements that a product of this kind must be able to match. Very quickly he came up with a round fixture, and his considerations about an up and down light actually led him to a fixture that consisted of a main ring, and a light unit at the top and one at the bottom. In addition, the product had to be able to be mounted both directly on the ceiling and in a suspended version – otherwise it could not meet the design requirement for mounting at several heights.

The fixture was named LP Grand – because it became a grandiose product.

Christian Flindt worked with a focus on the light as a function, consequently, the form of the luminaire followed as it spread the light via a curved reflector. The colored outer screen reflects the light on the outside of the upper and lower reflectors, which is a decorative atmosphere-creating light that also contributes to a visual lightness. The downward-directed light comes through an acrylic diffuser that is decoratively pulled up into the fixture, and thus creates a shadow effect along the edge, which is again a detail that makes “the fixture come alive” and not just a luminous surface. You experience something special when you look up into the pleasant and non-glaring light.

LP Grand Surface mounted by Louis Poulsen

Despite its size, the fixture is incredibly flexible. All sizes can either be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended. The two smallest sizes are also very suitable for wall mounting.

In addition to being an impressive and functional fixture, the LP Grand is also decorative and charismatic. It does something extraordinary to the room, and the room acquires a special identity. Here, Christian Flindt’s unique flair for light really comes into its own. He knows how to treat the light so that it becomes multi-faceted, beautiful, soft – and never boring. Christian Flindt surprises again and again with his products’ light treatment and special identity. He really understands that light must not only shine, but also create a perfect balance between the architecture and the atmosphere of the room and thus give people who are there both an experience as well as a good sense of well-being.

LP Grand blends easily and effortlessly into both modern and classic architecture.  The various sizes give flexibility in applications, but also give the rooms a completely distinctive identity. LP Grand makes a statement both lit and unlit.

At La Conner Swinomish Library, both suspended and surface mounted fixtures, humanize the space complimenting the natural light coming in from the windows,  illuminating the library isles and reading areas. View the full gallery of the library images here.

La Conner Swinomish Library. Architect: BuildingWork. Photo: Dough Scott.