Invisible Light From Above

AART Designers designed Focus Park for F-L Lighting as a minimalist luminaire to blend discretely into its surroundings. However, on second glance, it stands out and presents its elegant proportions, deliberately contrasting materials, as well as beautifully and functionally integrated lighting technology – both with the light on and off.

Glaukos Aliso Viejo Park, CA. Architect: TK1SC. Photo by Roger Gregston

The idea was to create a new design staple in pedestrian lighting applications that is based on AART’s extensive knowhow from the past and the lighting technology of the future both technically and in design. Focus Park is designed as one single main shape divided into three elementary, circular shapes, a softly curved base extending from the pole, a conical, transparent light shade and a distinct and precise closing element on the top. The shape of the post top reflects the direction and natural spread of light and facilitates the interaction between form and function.  The luminaire is a modernist interpretation of the conical archetype. Form and function being intuitively understood, the elegant lines form its character and attract attention. It blends discreetly into its surroundings. On second glance, however, it stands out and presents its elegant proportions and deliberately contrasting materials.

Glare s a classical challenge in lighting design and with the intensity of LED, it has become a growing challenge. For AART designers, one of the main design parameters has been to minimize the experienced glare of light. Apart from working with indirect light with a hidden light source, we have created a unique solution by hiding the diffuser in the top of the fitting; in this way, the lit reflector surface is not visible until you are very close to the luminaire. Even at close distance, the light is diffused in a pleasant and non-glaring way due to the shape and the even illumination of the diffuser.