Flindt Wall
Design: Christian Flindt

For Christian Flindt, light has become a passion – therefore he fits in extremely well with the group of lighting designers who seriously work with light as an integral part of the design. Christian Flindt’s unique feeling for creating harmony between the light and the design of the fixture has in this case resulted in a beautiful and simple wall lamp.

Wall fixtures are not just lights on the wall. Firstly, their depth must be taken into account, as the passage must be unobstructed and without any danger of inattention causing collisions when passing by. At the same time, placement height is also an important element for wall fittings, high, medium or low placed. In addition, the fixture should bring the wall into the perception of the room.

The Flindt Bollard has been the source of inspiration. Christian Flindt has aimed to achieve the same light expression, namely light from a slit, a hidden light source that is 100% integrated into the design of the fixture.

Flindt Wall is cast in aluminum, and is available in two colors, corten and light aluminum gray. Again a choice of color that optimizes the application areas of the fixture, the corten color is very useful in natural surroundings, just as the aluminum color blends unobtrusively into interiors and building facades, and the white goes in harmony with most walls in a building, especially in interiors.

The light source, like the Flindt bollard, is located at the top of the fixture and therefore sends the light downwards and uses the round surface below as a reflector. With its slightly grainy surface, the cast aluminum provides a dressy diffusion of the light, which flows softly from the fixture.

The light is surprisingly effective when the fixture is switched on. The concave shape suddenly becomes deep and indefinable, which is why Flindt Wall is a very exciting and interesting wall lighting. It deceives optically, and therefore it imparts a beautiful and decorative mystique to the surroundings. A slit behind the light source ensures a rear-facing light that helps to emphasize the shape of the luminaire when switched on, and at the same time provides a respectful relationship to the mounting surface, which now plays together with the luminaire. The luminaire adapts to the surroundings with the light.

Flindt Wall is a fixture that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is rustic without being brutal. The carved round shape is interesting to look at when off, and exciting and decorative when on. The low depth makes it extremely useful where passage can be narrow, e.g. in corridors and stairwells, where it is a sublime step light with its low position. The light has good direction indication, and the location of the light source ensures against direct glare, which is a must in stairwells. Another important thing is that the mounting height due to the fixture’s design is totally flexible. It can be mounted close to the ground or relatively high on the wall, and the beautiful and well-thought-out detail with the rear-facing lighting gives a beautiful visual experience of the light.