Flindt Plaza

A sculpture with light, a totem pole, Flindt Plaza is hard to define when you first meet it. It miraculously hides its function, deceiving the eye. It’s unorthodox, looks like something you’ve seen before, and the first thought undeniably falls on a totem pole.

But as with Christian Flindt’s other products, there is a deeper thought behind the design. Christian Flindt has a unique ability to translate organic form into practical functionality. It’s almost unbelievable that no one has thought of it before. It seems obvious and self-explanatory – when you first see it!

Flindt Plaza is Christian Flindt’s interpretation of the many poles you see equipped with spots, a mast with spots turned in the desired directions. Christian Flindt has just integrated the functionality into the Flindt Plaza design. With its modular build-up, which can be adjusted to the surrounding environment, the Flindt Plaza is ideal for creating scenic and larger-scale illumination for the public realms and landscapes of tomorrow.

Based on the same design language and basic idea of the Flindt family, which includes a bollard, a wall fixture and a garden bollard, a single asymmetrical carving opens up the light. This distinctive carving adds character to the luminaire and serves as a dimming reflector, softening the light and making it more pleasant in the dark while directing it precisely where it is needed.

The Flindt Plaza light fixture is available with three different light distributions 15°, 35° and 60°, and all can be placed on the same mast, thus creating an exciting and creative lighting environment around the mast. Regardless of the distribution angle, the mast is visually the same. Several distribution units can be mounted on the same mast and the visible design is the same. The visual design essentially hides a light machine that can turn any neighborhood and area into a very special experience, without looking like a stage light. All the light units can be rotated freely  360° on the mast.

The light is optimally glare-free downlighting in the mentioned angles, and therefore also a tool to focus on the area’s details without compromising on the overall visual design. Flindt Plaza forms a sculptural part of the area’s architecture, and in the dark of night adds a unique and creative lighting environment that can be used both functionally and comfortably in creating atmosphere.


Flindt Plaza is available in corten surface as well as a light gray alu.  The corten color blends nicely with nature and older architecture, and the light gray color compliments modern architecture.