Flindt Bollard
Design: Christian Flindt

“There are things that are so natural that you wonder why you haven’t seen it before, or you wonder where you’ve seen it before. At first glance, the thought fell involuntarily of the willow quills that we as scouts cut at the summer camp. The small hole in the twig, with the big effect.” Says Christian Flindt.

However, the designer has had a completely different approach to the actual creation of the Flindt bollard, as this started out as some cement slabs where an arch was punched out in the slab and the light was allowed to pass through the slot. A touch of light that falls naturally and softly on the surface.

Christian Flindt’s design language is very organic, you rarely see angular and sharp lines from him, and it is actually interesting that he has also managed to bring this softness to the light in his fixtures. The soft arc in the slot of the Flindt Bollard creates this feeling, and at the same time gives a diffused distribution of the light. “It just flows out as if it were blocked inside”.

The Flindt bollard seems simple at first glance, and many will probably think that there is enough light coming out of it. When we first set it up for photography, we had to find that we had to move them further apart several times due to the effective spread thanks to an innovative lighting technique. The light is beautiful and dresses up any area when darkness takes over.

Flindt Bollard’s simple design optimizes the possibilities for creating projects in which other design fittings are included. It has a chameleon-like way of adapting to its surroundings. In Waterline Square Park, the Flindt Bollards and Albertslund lamps provide both harmonious and reassuring lighting of the park-like areas between the residential blocks.

Simple and effective are probably the two words that first come to mind when you look at this bollard when it is lit, because in daylight it has a very quiet presence.

The bollard consists of three parts, a bollard stand for either burial or standing, a light unit and a top. It is very easy to install and is very robust in its construction.

The simple design language makes the bollard usable from single mounting to repetitive, and the light distribution means that it works both in straight paths as well as in curved setups. The light emission is soft and very uniform, which gives both a calm and harmonious performance in the dark, and the design gives the same impression in daylight.

Daytona Riverfront Park Daytona, FL. Architect: RS&H Photography: Mike butler

The project at Daytona Beach Park shows how the corten colored Flindt bollard beautifully blends in with nature, and creates an aesthetic and decorative light along the park pathways. Despite its 43.3″ height, the bollard blends into its surroundings.  

Flindt Bollard is now also available in a scaled down version for more intimate areas, such as patios, narrow pathways, as well as residential gardens.