Flindt Luminaires Illuminates Daytona Riverwalk Park

Riverside Revamp

Once a nondescript open walking space lacking trees and landscaping, this hidden gem along the Halifax River now welcomes visitors with interactive spaces, premier walkability and spaces that are purposely built for the people – day and night. The humanizing element of the Daytona Riverwalk Park project is precisely why NEO Architectural Lighting was a match for the project.

Daytona Riverfront Park Daytona, FL. Architect: RS&H Photography: Mike butler

Custom Color Fixtures: Sea Green Accents for Riverside Charm

RS&H sought tall poles in the areas designed as open spaces, large pathways, and expansive areas requiring ample lighting. Their challenge lay in securing a post top and pole that matched desired wattage and photometrics, ensuring robustness, and accessories and customization to suit the unique turquoise color palette. This luminaire quest presented a challenge, yet RS&H’s confidence in NEO Architectural Lighting’s capabilities and the Louis Poulsen brand reputation proved justified. Leveraging NEO’s extensive modification options, every requirement was met. The Albertslund Maxi was modified to the custom Sea Green, precise wattage, and incorporated outlets within the poles, fulfilling every expectation.

Wall Illumination

Due to its proximity to the coastline, the planning team’s factored in flood considerations during the design process. Retaining walls were erected along the walkways, running parallel to the river, which opened an opportunity to incorporate wall lighting into the plans. When choosing a wall sconce, they prioritized the ambiance of a riverside stroll, emphasizing both aesthetics and safety. After careful consideration, RS&H and their client opted for the Flindt Wall lamp due to its comfortable light dispersion and appealing backlit feature.

Daytona Riverfront Park Daytona, FL. Architect: RS&H Photography: Mike butler

Creating an Oasis of Light and Greenery

Nestled within the sprawling park are lush green gardens, tranquil water features, inviting bench swings, and a family splash pad. RS&H expressed a key objective for the project: extending the park’s geography into the evening hours. To achieve this, they illuminated all spaces for nighttime pleasure. Drawing from their experience in a previous private project with the same client nearby, RS&H’s client specifically requested the use of the Flindt Bollard for landscaping and intimate pathways. Impressed by its comfort and durability across the street, they were eager to introduce the Flindt Bollard to the community in the Riverwalk. The Flindt Bollards effectively set the desired ambiance and harmonized seamlessly with the Flindt Wall fixtures.

Daytona Riverfront Park Daytona, FL. Architect: RS&H Photography: Mike butler