A New Life for Iconic Design

Cherry Creek North – a mixed-use district steeped in 140 years of history, weaving together community connections while embracing a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. This vibrant unique development stands as a cornerstone in Denver, Colorado, cherished by residents and visitors alike. Transformed by the illuminating power of Louis Poulsen Kipp post tops and custom poles from NEO Architectural Lighting, this walkable neighborhood is a multi-award-winning development designed with a “people-first mindset.”

Influenced by NEO’s core value of “Humanizing Spaces with Light,” the Cherry Creek community has enjoyed decades of comfort and ambiance emitted by Kipp post tops. In 2023, the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District upheld its commitment to being unapologetically sustainable and led to a thorough examination of the center’s structures. This resulted in a decision to upgrade their Kipp post tops. Since the Legacy Kipp post tops and custom poles remained in exceptional condition as promised, they chose to retain the original 380 fixtures and entrust NEO Architectural Lighting to retrofit the metal halides to modern LEDs. This upgrade ensures that their Kipps remain even more future proof than they already are.

Thanks to the LED Retrofit Kit by Louis Poulsen, transitioning to energy-efficient lighting is seamless. The kit allows for the replacement of outdated electrical components with new LED units while retaining the original fixture. The LED upgrade disperses a comfortable 3000K light at 30W, providing 3011 lumens and years of reliable illumination. The Nema smart photosensor is an upgrade that pays for itself. Instead of relying on programmed schedules that need repeated reprogramming alongside seasonal changes, this device operates by automatically sensing light levels. When darkness falls, the lights turn on, ensuring safety. Conversely, when light is detected, the post top lights turn off, conserving energy and cutting costs when illumination isn’t required.

Through the collaborative efforts of NEO Architectural Lighting, Design Workshop, Patrick B. Quigley & Associates, and the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District, the historic neighborhood continues to shine bright as a beacon of progress and sustainability in Denver, Colorado. Today, visitors are welcomed by the Kipps in various playful adornments. In Winter, they are decorated with garland for the holiday season, while spring and summer greet you with blossoming hanging planters. Regardless of the season, the iconic post tops on their custom poles complement the neighborhood signage and adjacent structures year-round.

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